Struggling to get your students to engage in “big church?” (Main service, adult service, sanctuary, etc. whatever it is you call your inter generational service). Maybe your students feel like it’s really boring and completely irrelevant. How can you foster engagement in the service?

Talk to your lead pastor and tell him you want/need his help to get your students more engaged in what he is preaching about. Essentially what you do is have the students come up with 5 words. Any words they want. And then tell them that the pastor will be weaving 3 of those 5 words into his message the following weekend.

Here’s what this does:

1) Students are listening intently to find the 3 words that are used.

2) The pastor (speaker) has fun trying to make it a natural part of his (their) message.

3) It causes your students to believe that the leadership cares about them.

A quick note and rule of thumb. Make sure the pastor/speaker doesn’t cheat and say, “I have to work this word into my message” but that it is made to fit with the message. That is key.