Action Movie (iOS)

Not everyone can be a great videographer. Just because HD video camera’s are available and in almost everyone’s pocket (smartphones galore) does not instantly make you Steven Spielberg. Add some fun editing apps into the mix and suddenly that changes things. That’s exactly what Action Movie does. It helps you look like a genius in the video world…at least to your students.

When you open the app, you click “go” and you can scrub through all the different effects. When you click on one of the effects it will give you a preview of what it will look like on a premade background. Once you pick an effect (and they keep adding more and more) you shoot your video within the app. Once you have finished the shot, you use a scrolling bar to choose where you want the effect in your video. Once you have placed the scrolling bar there you just click ok and the magic begins to process. You then get to preview it and have options to trash it or share it to FaceBook, email or save it to your camera roll. From there you can use iMovie or Final Cut or whatever video editing software you use to include it into any other video you have.

It looks amazing.
They continue to put out more effects.
It’s super easy to use.

It does not let you have video after the effect happens. I understand why, because the effect is over and it just decimated whatever you were shooting, but I would like to have a little extra footage of the leftover carnage.
The smoke cannisters move around and don’t look very realistic.

Movie FX Club is another app that is very similar. It only has about 13 at the time of this posting, but it does have several effects that Action Movie does not.

Use the Intro Lite app to make a quick cool looking intro to your movie and it makes it even better.

Below is a “Rules Video” we did using a bunch of the effects and our 6th grade boys winning entry into our youth ministry Film Festival (very end). That is an example of how we incorporated the effect into a video we were already working on.