In youth ministry there is always a need for knee highs…am I right?!  Usually you need quite a few and have a small budget, making games that involve knee highs too pricy.  Thankfully, there is such thing as “Waste Hose.”  Props can go to Les Christie and Erik w/a K’s long term memory of a seminar Les gave several years ago.  I pass this on because it was a success, even though a little sketchy at the time.

I was told that one box had approximately 250 single white tubes or waste hose…so naturally I ordered 2 boxes.  When it arrived a week later I counted out 250 for an event we were putting on and still had nearly half a box to go.  So, if my estimations are correct we have nearly 1000 knee highs.  (I am not sure if they overpacked my box on accident or if that is how they are every time.)

The price per box is $20.00.  That price covers shipping and handling.  The knee highs themselves are clearly “waste hose” in that they are all different lengths (some being over 10 feet long).

To order “Waste Hose” call 479-979-3492.  They are very helpful and will give you instructions on how to pay.  I mailed a check made out to Hanes Brands Inc. and marked on the memo line “Waste Hose.”  They do not take credit cards.



Hanes Brands Inc.
Attn: Nancy Terry
1904 Clark Road
Clarksville, ARK. 92830

Fax: 479-754-5597


The game you are about to see is called Elephant Wars. The idea is to take 4 hose and tie them together. 4 people place the hose over their heads and, without using hands, they pull and try to be the last one standing with the hose on their heads. You will quickly discover that the game did not work as intended when you watch the video. We were planning on having students sit down if they lost and those who won were to go fin 3 other winners for another round. Then we would play until there were only 4 people left. Well, we should have tied the knots wayyyyyyy closer in so they didn’t stretch so far. BUT, it made for fun video. This is what happens when you have 270 people playing a game that did not quite work out, but was still fun.