For the kick off to our fall middle school midweek program (Crash) we decided to let students know that we are available to them in a creative way. We handed out “business” cards that included our contact info. Each volunteer had a personalized one that included their cell number, email and the youth ministry website. To help them remember to use the business card we decided to do a video parody. Call Me Maybe is still a huge song and is surprisingly getting tons of traction still! So I found an instrumental track that someone had put on youtube. The guy who made it said to feel free to use the music for anything you wanted to.

I downloaded the song using a youtube downloader called I used the audio file and began to write lyrics for the song. This is something I love doing. I have written parodies for much of my adult life. I then used garageband. I dragged the audio file into garageband and used a usb microphone (Blu snoball) and had one of the girls on our staff sing and record the lyrics.

Then it was time to shoot the video. Sean and Michelle (our middle school pastors) set up the run through and used our youth center as the place for the shoot. All our volunteers had their Crash shirts on and practiced enough to make it a “one shot” video. To make it a little easier everyone had a certain section they were in charge of memorizing. Turned out pretty good! Sean is a master in after effects so you see a little bit of that in there too. Our students loved it.

This is a pretty simple thing you can do today. It takes a little time to rehearse and all, but totally doable. Check out the “pre-edited” version here.