Has your youth room seating arrangement been the same since you set it up 5 years ago?  Maybe its time for a simple change tonight.  It’s amazing how the feel of your room can completely change with just a few small re-arrangements.  Sometimes it can seem like a whole new room even.
Circle Up.  Arrange the chairs in a wide circle around the room.  Sitting in a circle makes it so that everyone can see each other.  This type of seating is helpful when you want to encourage an atmosphere that is more like a conversation.  You can either do your message from the center of the circle or sit in the circle with everyone else.

Face Each Other.  Divide the room in half and turn one half of the chairs towards the other half.  This makes it so that each person can see at least half of the people in the room.  This type of seating also encourages conversation but it allows for students who may not want to stand out as much to be more comfortable.  This set up is optimal for a fun back and forth game too.

Huddles.  Arrange the seats so that they are in groups of 5-10.  This type of seating sets up small groups.  It works great when you want smaller groups to answer questions you ask up front.  It creates a less intimidating conversational atmosphere and saves time if you want every person to answer the question.  If you have small tables available, you might place them in each huddle.  Suggestion: have one adult or student leader in each group to keep groups on topic.

Turn Around.  I recognize this won’t work perfectly for everyone, but you can likely do some version of it.  To mix things up just change the direction the students are facing.  Students will be curious as to why and you wont really have a reason. If you have a youth room with a stage, you may need to get creative.  Maybe this is just for one meeting.

Have fun messing around with your room.