Every week you meet in the same place.  It’s good.  There is a sense of “home” there.  It’s good to be in a place that is familiar.  There are lots of upsides to this, but of course there are some upsides to change from time to time too.

Changing locations spontaneously (at least to students) adds a sense of adventure to the repetitive weekly meetings.  Throwing a curve ball into your weekly meetings is fun and can lead to some good memories.  It also can lead to breaking down walls that student’s have put up in their lives because it takes them out of routine.  This is especially true if you encourage your leaders to take advantage of the walk or ride** to the new location by having a conversation with a student.

Many of your churches are in prime locations in your towns.  Often times you are within walking distance of a park, school, fast food joint, or near a house of a member of your congregation. Once a quarter or in the summer time take advantage of the community you live in.

Here are some ideas:

*Go to the park and play a field game or a team building exercise and then come together and give a talk in the grass.
Enter Field
*See if a member of your church would be willing to host your group for the night.  Set up board games. Buy popsicles (or hot cocoa depending on the season) and give everyone a snack.  Then gather in the living room for a short message.

*Go to the nearest (and cheapest) fast food restaurant and buy everyone a small ice cream cone.

*Set up a scavenger hunt around the area.

*Even moving out to your parking lot with your chairs could do the trick.

What change of scenery activities have you done with your group?

**If you are leaving your regular meeting property it is a good idea to let the parents know.  If it involves a drive it is a good idea to get release forms/permission slips.