Looking to do a quick and easy announcement video? Want to involve a bunch of students/leaders? MadPad is for you.  You get 12 boxes to work with. Each box lets you record any sound you want. Remember, the length of the sound/word you make is how log that clip will be. If you want to say something and keep a beat you will need to make sure your words are fitting to a beat.


When you open it up, you click create. This gives you your 12 windows. The first window says “Tap to Record” and you do just that. The camera is facing you, but you can easily turn it towards someone else. Then you make a sound. Usually the shorter the better. When you are done with the first one, go to the next box and do the same for all 12. There is also an import option to import from older files you have made.

Once you have finished all your recordings you click save and play. Then you are ready to make a track. You can click on the loop button and it will record a loop of whatever boxes you tap. That is great for laying down a rhythm. Then you click record and the loop starts to play and you can click on any of the other boxes. Go as long or short as you want. In the example below you will see that I had students say words about our camp “Quest.” Simple way to make a fun little promo for camp.

You can also change the volume of each box as well as the pitch. AND, you can click on hide and only the boxes you tap (including the ones in your loop) will show up at the time and then they disappear. It is super fun and has a browse button where you can see other videos people have made with MadPad and use their ideas to be even more creative.



This is $2.99 on the iPad and $.99 on the iPhone.


Super simple to do
Great for making a quick announcement/promo video

Can easily involve a bunch of your students or leaders

Each time you play it, you can make it different

Looping makes it easy to use multiple sounds in one recording

You can load from other files


Needs to be fairly loud sound to record. Hard to record computer keyboard

You have to record in all 12 boxes