Most likely your announcements are similar every week. You stand in front of your group while your students take a moment to whisper to their friends or check their phones while you say something they supposedly already know. This can be frustrating but communication is important and announcements cannot just be taken off the schedule. Can they?


You need an upgrade! Why?

1. Mixing up how you give over information helps break the monotony of your announcements. When your students hear the same thing in the same way it becomes white noise. They will not hear your announcement.
2. We all know that in order for things to stick in our minds we need to hear it at least 3 times. Some people may never learn or remember something by hearing it, rather they need to see it. Make your announcements visual too.
3. Lastly, it’s fun to mix things up! Your students will like the change and feel more inclined to participate.

So, here is an idea you can use to change up how you deliver your announcements this week:
How about having your students guess the announcements? Have prizes on hand and see how well your students know your calendar. Tell the students that whoever correctly remembers and communicates the announcements for the week gets a prize! Be sure to fill in where students mess up and repeat them when it is all said and done. And, if a student gives an announcement for an event that is incorrect (or not happening) but you could certainly pull off – make it happen!

Do you have any creative ideas on how to deliver routine information? Share your ideas by commenting below!

–Hannah Greene