Want to enhance what you are teaching about? Have you ever made videos online to help support something you have been teaching on? No? Maybe it’s time to try it out. Imagine if you finished up your message and then sent students home with a reminder to check out your Facebook page for more thoughts on what you spoke on that day. You could even give incentives: If they get all the answers right, they can come back next week and get a prize. OR first person to comment on your FB page with all the right answers gets a prize.

Now, what is this all about? Have you ever watched those Ted videos online? You know the ones that always inspire you to want to do some amazing things? Yeah, those. Well, they have recently come out with a a program called Ted Ed. You can use any of their videos or any youtube video to be a training place. You can ask questions with multiple choice or paragraph answers. You can do a quick write up to help support what you are saying. Because you can use youtube videos you can upload your own videos to youtube and use your own video to teach on anything you want.

Another use for this would be for training your volunteers. Sometimes we don’t always have time do training with our volunteers. This would be a great way to do just that. What if you made a 5 – 10 minute video of yourself talking about various topics you want your volunteers to be on the same page with you about. Then you could have them all log in and answer the questions you have that pertain to the training video. The great thing about all of this? It’s FREE! I love free resources and I’m a big fan of what this could be.

Below you can test drive a Ted Ed that I quickly put together using a Ted video of Joe Smith. I think it may change your life. 😉

Click here.